DOASENSE Training videos

Welcome! In the 6 training sessions below you will learn the basics of the DOASENSE products suite and how to use it. The full training lasts approximately 20 minutes. Upon completion, you have the opportunity  to answer a short questionnaire to evaluate your understanding. When you successfully answer all 10 questions, a personal certificate will be sent to the email address used when registering.

In each video, you can enable the subtitles by clicking on the CC icon in the video control bar.

Good luck with your training!

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Video 1: Introduction

Learn the background, context and benefits of the DOASENSE Product Suite. Get familiar with the the different types of DOACs and the basics of the DOAC Dipstick.

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Video 2: The DOAC DipstickTM

Discover the purpose of the four pads on the DOAC DipstickTM. Learn how to determine the validity of a test and how to correctly use the DOAC Dipstick in your practice.
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Video 3: The DOASENSE Reader

Get to know the benefits and correct use of the DOASENSE Reader, as an alternative for visual evaluation. Understand how to check its calibration, using the control strips. 

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Video 4: Cut-off values & grey zone

Between negative and positive Dipstick readings, there is a ‘grey zone’. Understand its relevance and the impact on clinical decisions.

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Video 5: Control Urines

Learn how to use the DOASENSE Control urines for your Quality Assurance process.

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Video 6: Exercises

Put your knowledge of the DOASENSE Product Suite to the test with these exercises.

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